Academic Articles Feb. 18

Source: Salvation or Pipe Dream? A Movement Grows to Protect Up to Half the Planet

The latest academic papers on conservation. If you have a paper that you would like to share, please get in contact with us. Click on the title to follow the link to each article. Please note that some of these articles are behind a paywall.

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  • Set a global target for ecosystems
    • Source: Nature
    • Author(s): James EM Watson et al
    • The conservation community must be able to track countries’ progress in protecting wetlands, reefs, forests and more, argue James Watson and colleagues…
  • The Caribbean needs big marine protected areas
    • Source: Science
    • Author(s): Austin J. Gallagher
    • Governments must provide larger spatial protections in the Greater Caribbean for threatened, highly migratory species such as sharks, is the call from a diverse group…
  • Global ecosystem thresholds driven by aridity
    • Source: Science
    • Author(s): Miguel Berdugo et al.
    • A study finds for the first time that as levels of aridity increase due to climate change, abrupt changes are experienced on dryland ecosystems.

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