Academic Articles July 20

Source: A fifth of Brazilian soy in Europe is result of deforestation

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Global socio-economic losses and environmental gains from the Coronavirus pandemic

  • Source: PLOS One
  • Author(s): Manfred Lenzen et al.
  • How is COVID-19 impacting people and the planet and what are the implications for a post-pandemic world? A new study quantifies the socio-economic losses and environmental gains.

Antarctica’s wilderness fails to capture continent’s biodiversity

  • Source: Nature
  • Author(s): Rachel I. Leihy et al.
  • Recent assessments of Earth’s dwindling wilderness have emphasized that Antarctica is a crucial wilderness in need of protection. Yet human impacts on the continent are widespread…

Preserving connectivity under climate and land-use change: No one-size-fits-all approach for focal species in similar habitats

  • Source: Biological Conservation
  • Author(s): Jennifer K. Costanza et al.
  • Habitat connectivity is essential for maintaining populations of wildlife species, especially as climate changes. Knowledge about the fate of existing habitat networks in a changing climate and in light of land-use change is critical for determining which types of conservation actions must be taken to maintain those networks. 

The human dimensions of a green–green-dilemma:​ Lessons learned from the wind energy — wildlife conflict in Germany

  • Source: Energy Reports
  • Author(s): Tanja M. Straka, Marcus Fritze, Christian C. Voigt
  • Each year, wind turbines are responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of airborne animals such as bats. To find a constructive way out of this ”green-green” dilemma, companies building and running wind turbines might have to work together with environmental experts and conservationists. Yet…

Effectiveness of the European Natura 2000 network at protecting Western Europe’s agro-steppes

  • Source: Biological Conservation
  • Author(s): João Gameiro, João Paulo Silva, Aldina M.A. Franco, Jorge M. Palmeirim
  • A new study warns that the last remaining habitat for several endangered bird species in Europe could reduce by up to 50 per cent in the next century as farmers convert land to more profitable crops and meet increased demand for products such as olive oil and wine.

A transition to sustainable ocean governance

  • Source: Nature Communications
  • Author(s): Tanya Brodie Rudolph et al.
  • Human wellbeing relies on the Biosphere, including natural resources provided by ocean ecosystems. As multiple demands and stressors threaten the ocean, transformative change in ocean governance is required to maintain the contributions of the ocean to people.

Protecting endangered species in the USA requires both public and private land conservation

  • Source: Scientific Reports
  • Author(s): Niall G. Clancy et al.
  • Crucial to the successful conservation of endangered species is the overlap of their ranges with protected areas. We analyzed protected areas in the continental USA to assess the extent to which they covered the ranges of endangered tetrapods.

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