Academic Articles July 21

Source: Will Russia’s Forests Be an Asset or an Obstacle in Climate Fight?

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Toward monitoring forest ecosystem integrity within the post‐2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

  • Source: Conservation Letters
  • Author(s): Andrew J. Hansen et al.
  • Signatory countries to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) are formulating goals and indicators through 2050 under the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). Among the goals is increasing the integrity of ecosystems. The CBD is now seeking input toward a quantifiable definition…

Climate change may induce connectivity loss and mountaintop extinction in Central American forests

  • Source: Communications Biology
  • Author(s): Lukas Baumbach et al.
  • Here, we investigate potential impacts of climate change on the environmental suitability of main plant functional types (PFTs) across Central America. Using a large database of occurrence records and physiological data, we classify tree species into trait-based groups and project their suitability…

Decadal changes in international advocacy toward the conservation of highly migratory fishes

  • Source: Conservation Letters
  • Author(s): Laurenne Schiller et al.
  • Highly migratory fishes, such as tunas, present conservation challenges because their ranges span the high seas and jurisdictional waters of coastal states. Governments are mandated to manage tuna fisheries through Regional Fisheries Management Organizations, so meetings have subsequently…

Tracking the impacts of El Niño drought and fire in human-modified Amazonian forests

  • Source: PNAS
  • Author(s): Erika Berenguer et al.
  • With humanity facing an unprecedented climate crisis, the conservation of tropical forests has never been so important – their vast terrestrial carbon stocks can be turned into emissions by climatic and human disturbances. However, the duration of these effects is poorly understood…

The Emerging Threat of Extractives Sector to Intact Forest Landscapes

  • Source: Frontiers in Forests and Global Change
  • Author(s): Hedley S. Grantham et al.
  • As demand for commodities increases globally, resource-rich countries are focal areas for industrial expansion. The extractives sector is driving unprecedented growth of infrastructure (e.g., roads, railways and pipelines) into sparsely populated regions, which contain some of the world’s remaining intact forests…

Methods for identifying spatially referenced conservation needs and opportunities

  • Source: Biological Conservation
  • Author(s): Seth T. Sykora-Bodie et al.
  • Protected area coverage is expanding rapidly in response to threats such as habitat degradation, resource overexploitation, and climate change. Given limited resources, conservation scientists have developed systematic methods for identifying where it is most efficient to protect biodiversity…

Prevalence of illegal turtle trade on social media and implications for wildlife trade monitoring

  • Source: Biological Conservation
  • Author(s): Yik-Hei Sung et al.
  • The internet has emerged as a popular conduit for wildlife trade. To strategize market monitoring, we need to compare the scale of trade and seller structure on internet platforms and physical markets. We simultaneously monitored the turtle trade on two internet platforms…

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