Academic Articles June 8

Source: 30 By 30: Indigenous Communities Taking Lead In Addressing Climate Change, Protecting Wildlife

The latest academic papers on conservation. If you have a paper that you would like to share, please get in contact with us. Click on the title to follow the link to each article. Please note that some of these articles are behind a paywall.

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Vertebrates on the brink as indicators of biological annihilation and the sixth mass extinction

  • Source: PNAS
  • Author(s): Gerardo Ceballos,Paul R. Ehrlich, and Peter H. Raven
  • The ongoing sixth mass extinction may be the most serious environmental threat to the persistence of civilization, because it is irreversible…

Emerging zoonotic diseases originating in mammals: a systematic review of effects of anthropogenic land‐use change

  • Source: Mammal Review
  • Author(s): Rebekah J. White, Orly
  • Three quarters of emerging human pathogens are zoonotic, that is they are transmitted from other vertebrate animals to humans…

Ocean data need a sea change to help navigate the warming world

  • Source: Nature
  • Author(s): Annie Brett et al
  • Open up, share and network information so that marine stewardship can mitigate climate change, overfishing and pollution…

Conservation planning for island nations: Using a network analysis model to find novel opportunities for landscape connectivity in Puerto Rico

  • Source: Global Ecology and Conservation
  • Author(s): Diana K. Guzmán-Colón, Anna M. Pidgeon, Sebastián Martinuzzi, Volker C. Radeloff
  • Oceanic islands are important habitats for many endemic species. Global conservation assessments, however, are too coarse to characterize areas of high human influence or landscape connectivity at a resolution that is useful for conservation planning on most islands…

Climate‐change refugia: biodiversity in the slow lane

  • Source: Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
  • Author(s): Toni Lyn Morelli et al
  • Climate‐change adaptation focuses on conducting and translating research to minimize the dire impacts of anthropogenic climate change, including threats to biodiversity and human welfare…

Rewilding in the face of climate change

  • Source: Conservation Biology
  • Author(s): Carlos Carroll, Reed F. Noss
  • Expansion of the global protected‐area network has been proposed as a strategy to address threats from accelerating climate change and species extinction…

Animal invaders threaten protected areas worldwide

  • Source: Nature Communications
  • Author(s): Xuan Liu et al
  • Protected areas are the cornerstone of biodiversity conservation. However, alien species invasion is an increasing threat to biodiversity, and the extent to which protected areas worldwide are resistant to incursions of alien species remains poorly understood…

Red list of China’s forest ecosystems: A conservation assessment and protected area gap analysis

  • Source: Biological Conservation
  • Author(s): Guoke Chen, Xuan Wang, Keping Ma
  • Although China’s biodiversity is among the world’s richest, a significant part of this diversity is under threat…

Conservation needs to evolve to survive in the post-pandemic world

  • Source: Global Change Biology
  • Author(s): Javid Kavousi, Forough Goudarzi, Mohammad Izadi and Charlie J. Gardner
  • We suggest that the emergence of global change-driven human infectious disease, a growing threat thrown into sharp relief by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, may alter societal and political priorities to such an extent that conservation funding will collapse…

Global hotspots for coastal ecosystem-based adaptation

  • Source: PlosOne
  • Author(s) Holly P. Jones et al
  • Helping the world’s coastal communities adapt to climate change impacts requires evaluating the vulnerability of coastal communities and assessing adaptation options…

Editorial Essay: COVID-19 and protected and conserved areas

  • Source: Parks Journal
  • Author(s): Marc Hockings et al
  • This special editorial provides a snapshot of how protected and conserved areas around the world are being impacted by COVID-19…

China’s Efforts in Marine Biodiversity Conservation: Recent Developments in Policy and Institutional Reform

  • Source: The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law
  • Author(s): Jiayi Wang and Keyuan Zou
  • Marine biodiversity is essential for providing material foundations for sustainable social development and maintaining balance in the ecosystems of the earth…

A pivotal year for Bolivian conservation policy

  • Source: Nature Ecology & Evolution
  • Authors(s): Alfredo Romero-Muñoz et al
  • As Bolivia approaches presidential elections in October 2019, the country’s environmental leadership is at stake. We discuss urgent challenges and opportunities for reconciling conservation and societal needs in this mega-diverse country…

Conservation in crisis

  • Source: NewScientist
  • Author(s): Michael Marshall
  • While lockdowns have allowed some animals to roam more freely, they have also hit vital conservation efforts hard…

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