Academic Articles Mar. 30

Source: The Great Barrier Reef is Experiencing Its Third Mass Bleaching Event in Five Years

The latest academic papers on conservation. If you have a paper that you would like to share, please get in contact with us. Click on the title to follow the link to each article. Please note that some of these articles are behind a paywall.

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  • Understanding hope and what it means for the future of conservation
    • Source: Biological Conservation
    • Author(s): Andrew Park, Elizabeth Williams, Melanie Zurba
    • Academic papers and media commentaries frequently appeal to hope as a necessary bulwark against despair for the conservation community. Such claims are often made in the absence of a rigorous discussion of the nature of hope.
  • Global opportunities and challenges for transboundary conservation
    • Source: Nature Ecology and Evolution
    • Author(s): Natalie Mason, Michelle Ward, James E. M. Watson, Oscar Venter, Rebecca K. Runting
    • Rapid biodiversity loss has prompted global action to prevent further declines, yet coordinated conservation action among nations remains elusive.
  • Conservation basic income: A non-market mechanism to support convivial conservation
    • Source: Biological Conservation 
    • Author(s): Robert Fletcher, Bram Büscher
    • This article advances a proposal for conservation basic income (CBI) as a novel strategy for funding biodiversity conservation that moves beyond widely promoted market-based instruments (MBIs). This CBI proposal responds to two important empirical developments.
  • Wetland ecosystem services research: A critical review
    • Source: Global Ecology and Conservation 
    • Author(s): Xibao Xu, Minkun Chen, Guishan Yang, Bo Jiang, Ji Zhang
    • Systematic knowledge of the development, trends, and limitations of wetland ecosystem services (WES) is extremely meaningful for the direction of WES studies and wetland management. A systematic literature review was conducted by collecting 1711 peer-reviewed articles through…
  • A farmland biodiversity strategy is needed for China
    • Source: Nature Ecology and Evolution
    • Author(s): Li Li et al.
    • Nationwide citizen science data show the importance of farmland outside protected areas for China’s avifauna. We urge the government of China to develop a national strategy for…
  • Global conservation of species’ niches
    • Source: Nature 
    • Author(s): Jeffrey O. Hanson
    • Protected areas would need to expand to 33.8% of the total land surface to adequately represent environmental conditions across the habitats of amphibians, birds and terrestrial mammals, far exceeding the current 17% target.
  • Forests: Carbon sequestration, biomass energy, or both?
    • Source: Bioenergy
    • Author(s): Alice Favero, Adam Daigneault, Brent Sohngen
    • There is a continuing debate over the role that woody bioenergy plays in climate mitigation. This paper clarifies this controversy and illustrates the impacts of woody biomass demand on forest harvests, prices, timber management investments and intensity, forest area, and the resulting carbon balance…

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