Academic Articles Mar. 9

Source: Saving endangered species: Now we must focus on ecosystem health

The latest academic papers on conservation. If you have a paper that you would like to share, please get in contact with us. Click on the title to follow the link to each article. Please note that some of these articles are behind a paywall.

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  • Post-2020 goals overlook genetic diversity
    • Source: Science
    • Author(s): Linda Laikre et al
    • In January, the secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) released the first draft of a post-2020 global biodiversity framework with …
  • Bending the Curve of Global Freshwater Biodiversity Loss: An Emergency Recovery Plan
    • Source: BioScience
    • Author(s): David Tickner et al
    • Despite their limited spatial extent, freshwater ecosystems host remarkable biodiversity, including one-third of all vertebrate species. This biodiversity is declining dramatically: Globally, wetlands are vanishing three times faster than forests, and freshwater vertebrate populations have fallen more than twice as steeply as terrestrial or marine populations…
  • Global lake thermal regions shift under climate change
    • Source: Nature Communications
    • Author(s): Stephen C. Maberley et al
    • Water temperature is critical for the ecology of lakes. However, the ability to predict its spatial and seasonal variation is constrained by the lack of a thermal classification system.
  • US imperiled species are most vulnerable to habitat loss on private lands
    • Source: Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
    • Author(s): Adam J Eichenwald, Michael J Evans, Jacob W Malcom
    • To stem the ongoing loss of biodiversity, conservation practitioners must distinguish between effective and ineffective approaches for protecting species habitats. Using Google Earth Engine…
  • Marine biodiversity offsets: Pragmatic approaches toward better conservation outcomes
    • Source: Conservation Biology
    • Author(s): Céline Jacob et al
    • Increasing exploitation of marine natural resources and expansion of energy infrastructure, shipping, and aquaculture across the oceans are placing increased pressure on marine life. Biodiversity offsets, as the last stage of the mitigation hierarchy, provide an opportunity to promote a more…
  • The role of northern peatlands in the global carbon cycle for the 21st century
    • Source: Global Ecology and Biogeography
    • Author(s): Chunjing Qiu, Dan Zhu, Philippe Ciais, Bertrand Guenet, Shushi Peng
    • Persistent sinks of atmospheric CO2 in undisturbed peatlands are not included in future projections of the global carbon budget. We aimed to explore possible responses of northern peatlands to future climate change and to quantify the role of northern peatlands in the carbon balance…
  • Ecological changes with minor effect initiate evolution to delayed regime shifts
    • Source: Nature Ecology & Evolution
    • Author(s): P. Catalina Chaparro-Pedraza and André M. de Roos
    • Incorporating evolutionary dynamics into a population model, the authors show that, even though changing ecological conditions are not enough to induce an immediate regime shift in the system, selection-induced evolutionary responses acting on a phenotypic trait may eventually cause a regime shift by…
  • Coastal wetlands reduce property damage during tropical cyclones
    • Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
    • Author(s): Fanglin Sun and Richard T. Carson
    • With rising sea levels and increasingly intense storms associated with climate change, there is substantial interest in alternative defensive measures for protecting low-lying coastal communities against coastal flooding…

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