Academic Articles March 23

Source: Research finds nature sounds ‘benefit mental health’

The latest academic papers on conservation. If you have a paper that you would like to share, please get in contact with us. Click on the title to follow the link to each article. Please note that some of these articles are behind a paywall.

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Current capacity, bottlenecks, and future projections for offsetting habitat loss using Mitigation and Conservation banking in the United States

  • Source: Journal for Nature Conservation
  • Author(s): Sebastian Theis and Mark Poesch
  • Habitat banking in its many iterations is an established and popular mechanism to deliver environmental offsets. The United States can look back at over 30 years of banking experience with the underlying framework and policies being consistently updated and improved. Given the increased demand…

Arapaima Co-Management Through The Lens Of The Protected Areas Assets Framework

  • Source: Journal for Nature Conservation
  • Author(s): N.C. Gamarra et al.
  • An extensive network of Protected Areas (PA) has been established across the Brazilian Amazon, but this PA system still suffers from a shortage of funding resources and environmental managers. New conservation strategies that successfully align social aspirations with biodiversity conservation…

Grassland type and presence of management shape butterfly functional diversity in agricultural and forested landscapes

  • Source: Global Ecology and Conservation
  • Author(s): Ágota R. Szabó et al.
  • Alteration of agricultural land use has led to a widespread loss of biodiversity in human-dominated landscapes. Degradation and gradual disappearance of natural and semi-natural habitats has become a global conservation problem. Together, intensive agriculture and the abandonment of extensively…

Competition for water and species coexistence in phenologically structured annual plant communities 

  • Source: Ecology Letters
  • Author(s): Jacob I. Levine et al.
  • We developed an analytically tractable model of water competition for Mediterranean annual communities and demonstrate that variation in phenology alone can maintain high diversity in spatially homogenous assemblages of water-limited plants. This model replicates and offers mechanistic explanations…

The biodiversity and ecosystem service contributions and trade-offs of forest restoration approaches

  • Source: Science
  • Author(s): Fanguan Hua
  • Forest restoration is being scaled-up globally to deliver critical ecosystem services and biodiversity benefits, yet we lack rigorous comparison of co-benefit delivery across different restoration approaches. In a global synthesis, we use 25,950 matched data pairs from 264 studies in 53 countries to assess…

The disproportionately high value of small patches for biodiversity conservation

  • Source: Conservation Letters
  • Author(s): Federico Riva and Lenore Fahrig
  • Small habitat patches have been historically neglected in conservation, primarily because extinction risk is higher in small patches. Nevertheless, sets of small patches usually harbor more species than one or a few larger patches of equal total area. Resolving this inconsistency is key to…

Measuring protected-area effectiveness using vertebrate distributions from leech iDNA

  • Source: Nature Communications
  • Author(s): Yinqiu Ji et al.
  • Protected areas are key to meeting biodiversity conservation goals, but direct measures of effectiveness have proven difficult to obtain. We address this challenge by using environmental DNA from leech-ingested bloodmeals to estimate spatially-resolved vertebrate occupancies across…

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