Academic Articles May 11

Source: Conservation in crisis: why Covid-19 could push mountain gorillas back to the brink

The latest academic papers on conservation. If you have a paper that you would like to share, please get in contact with us. Click on the title to follow the link to each article. Please note that some of these articles are behind a paywall.

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  • Change in terrestrial human footprint drives continued loss of intact ecosystems
    • Source: Preprint
    • Author(s): Brooke A. Williams et al.
    • Our ability to map humanity’s influence across Earth has evolved, thanks to powerful computing, a network of earth observing satellites, and new bottom-up census and crowd-sourced data. Here, we provide the latest temporally inter-comparable maps of the terrestrial Human Footprint, and assessment of…
  • Can a single index track the state of global biodiversity?
    • Source: Biological Conservation 
    • Author(s): Arnout Jaspers
    • IPBES does this by counting threatened species, WWF by publishing the Living Planet Index. These global indicators of biodiversity are scientifically highly questionable, generate simplistic and often misleading headlines in the media, and get in the way of proper science reporting.
  • Challenges in tree-planting programs
    • Source: Science
    • Author(s): Gemma Alderton
    • A restoration ecologist has a simple message for anyone who thinks planting 1 trillion trees will reverse the damage of climate change: ‘We can’t plant our way out of climate change.’
  • Indigenous guardians as an emerging approach to indigenous environmental governance
    • Source: Conservation Biology
    • Author(s): Graeme Reed, Nicolas D. Brunet, Sheri Longboat, David C. Natcher
    • Over the past three decades, Indigenous Guardian programs (also known as Indigenous Rangers and Watchmen) have emerged as an institution for Indigenous governments to engage in collaborative environmental governance. Using a systematic review of peer‐reviewed literature for research conducted…
  • Protecting biodiversity and economic returns in resource‐rich tropical forests
    • Source: Society for Conservation Biology
    • Author(s): James G. C. Ball, Mark A. Burgman, Elizabeth D. Goldman, Janeth Lessmann
    • In pursuit of socioeconomic development, many countries are expanding oil and mineral extraction into tropical forests. These activities seed access to remote, biologically rich areas, thereby endangering global biodiversity. Here we demonstrate that conservation solutions that effectively…
  • Three ways to deliver a net positive impact with biodiversity offsets
    • Source: Conservation Biology
    • Author(s): Atte Moilanen, Janne S. Kotiaho
    • Biodiversity offsetting is the practice of using conservation actions such as habitat restoration, management or protection to compensate for ecological losses caused by development activity, including construction projects. The typical goal of offsetting is no net loss (NNL), which means that…
  • The ocean genome and future prospects for conservation and equity
    • Source: Nature Sustainability
    • Author(s): R. Blasiak et al.
    • Rapid advances in sequencing technologies and bioinformatics have enabled exploration of the ocean genome and are informing innovative approaches to conservation and a growing number of commercial biotechnology applications…

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