Academic Articles September 22

Source: Climate change: Wilsdlife and plant species decline ‘a crisis’

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Opinion: We need biosphere stewardship that protects carbon sinks and builds resilience

  • Source: PNAS
  • Author(s): Johan Rockström et al.
  • Today, ocean and land ecosystems remove around 50% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions from the atmosphere each year. Put another way, half our “climate debt” is removed, for free, by the biosphere every year—a vast subsidy to the world economy…

Time to integrate global climate change and biodiversity science‐policy agendas

  • Source: Journal of Applied Ecology
  • Author(s): Nathalie Pettorelli et al.
  • The Conference of the Parties (COP) for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) present a clear policy window for developing coherent policy frameworks that align targets across the nexus of biodiversity…

Geodiversity underpins biodiversity but the relations can be complex: Implications from two biodiversity proxies

  • Source: Global Ecology and Conservation
  • Author(s): Yanjiao Ren et al.
  • Geodiversity incorporates many of the environmental patterns and processes that are considered determinants of biodiversity. However, research on the spatial relations between geodiversity and biodiversity at large regional scales is challenging because estimating biodiversity from field data…

Implementing the 2% wilderness goal in Germany – The National Natural Heritage Site Rechlin as a case study

  • Source: Journal for Nature Conservation
  • Author(s): Sebastian Brackhane et al.
  • The European Union aims to increase the extent of strictly protected areas, including wilderness areas. However, operationalizing this goal in densely populated Central European member states like Germany, that consists almost entirely of cultural landscapes and will need to rely largely on…

The three major axes of terrestrial ecosystem function

  • Source: Nature
  • Author(s): Mirco Migliavacca et al.
  • The leaf economics spectrum and the global spectrum of plant forms and functions revealed fundamental axes of variation in plant traits, which represent different ecological strategies that are shaped by the evolutionary development of plant species. Ecosystem functions depend…

Humpback whale song recordings suggest common feeding ground occupation by multiple populations

  • Source: Scientific Reports
  • Author(s): Elena Schall et al.
  • Humpback whale males are known to sing on their low-latitude breeding grounds, but it is well established that songs are also commonly produced ‘off-season’ on the feeding grounds or during migration. This opens exciting opportunities to investigate migratory aggregations…

Potential microplastic release from the maritime industry: Abrasion of rope 

  • Source: Science of the Total Environment
  • Author(s): Imogen Ellen Napper et al.
  • While land-based sources of plastic pollution have gained increasing attention in recent years, ocean-based sources have been less well studied. The aim of this study was to compare a variety of ropes (differing in age, wear surface and material) to quantify and characterise the production of microplastic during use…

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