Academic Articles Feb. 4

The latest academic papers on conservation. If you have a paper that you would like to share, please get in contact with us. Click on the title to follow the link to each article. Please note that some of these articles are behind a paywall.

  • Palm oil not the only driver of forest loss in Indonesia
    • Large-scale agriculture, primarily for growing oil palms, remains a major cause of deforestation in Indonesia but its impact has diminished in recent years as other natural and human causes emerge, a new study finds. These causes, which vary by location and over time, include the conversion of forests…
  • Carbon, climate, and North America’s oldest boreal trees
    • In an age of unprecedented high atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, the question of whether or not plants and trees can utilize excess carbon through photosynthesis is one of paramount importance. Researchers have observed what has been called the CO2 fertilization effect, whereby plants’ rates of photosynthesis…
  • Landscape Connectivity Planning for Adaptation to Future Climate and Land-Use Change
    • Source: Current Landscape Ecology Reports
    • Authors: Costanza, J.K. and Terando, A.J.  
    • Abstract: We examined recent literature on promoting habitat connectivity in the context of climate change (CC) and land-use change (LUC). These two global change forcings have wide-reaching ecological effects that are projected to worsen in the future. Improving connectivity is a common adaptation strategy, but CC and LUC can also degrade planned connections, potentially reducing their effectiveness. We synthesize advances in connectivity design approaches, identify challenges confronted by researchers and practitioners, and offer suggestions for future research…

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