Academic Articles Jan. 17

The latest academic papers on conservation. If you have a paper that you would like to share, please get in contact with us. Click on the title to follow the link to each article. Please note that some of these articles are behind a paywall.

  • Biodiversity loss is dire, don’t get distracted
    • Source: Nature
    • Jonathan Davies & Peter Stoett
    • Writing on behalf of the authors of the biodiversity section of the latest Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6) from the United Nations Environment Programme, to be released in March 2019 (see, we are concerned about your discussion on the progress of the IPBES assessment…
  • More animal species under threat of extinction, new method shows
    • Currently approximately 600 species might be inaccurately assessed as non-threatened on the Red List of Threatened Species. More than a hundred others that couldn’t be assessed before, also appear to be threatened. A new more efficient, systematic and comprehensive approach to assess the extinction risk…
  • Is habitat fragmentation bad for biodiversity?
    • Source: Biological Conservation, Volume 230
    • Author(s): Lenore Fahrig, Víctor Arroyo-Rodríguez, Joseph R. Bennett et al.
    • Abstract: In a review of landscape-scale empirical studies, Fahrig (2017a) found that ecological responses to habitat fragmentation per se (fragmentation independent of habitat amount) were usually non-significant (>70% of responses) and that 76% of significant relationships were positive, with species abundance, occurrence, richness, and other response variables increasing with habitat fragmentation per se. 

Effects of human demand on conservation planning for biodiversity and ecosystem services

  • Source: Conservation Biology
  • Author(s): Watson et al.
  • Abstract: Safeguarding ecosystem services and biodiversity is critical to achieving sustainable development. To date, ecosystem services quantification has focused on the biophysical supply of services with less emphasis on human beneficiaries (“demand”). Only when both occur do ecosystems benefit people,…
  • Sharing conservation burdens fairly
    • Source: Conservation Biology
    • Author: Armstrong, C.
    • Abstract: We examined how, from the point of view of justice, the burdens of paying for conservation should be shared. I resisted simple answers to the question of who should pay for conservation that lean on a single moral principle. I identified 3 relevant principles that relate to who causes conservation…
  • Progress of implementation on the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation in (2011–2020) China
    • Source: Biological Conservation, Volume 230
    • Author(s): Hai Ren, Haining Qin, Zhiyun Ouyang et al.
    • Abstract: Plants are essential resources for the earth and human survival. Many plant species are threatened by human disturbance and are now in danger of extinction. The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) seeks to halt the continuing loss of plant diversity and species across the globe.

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