Academic Articles Jul. 15

The latest academic papers on conservation. If you have a paper that you would like to share, please get in contact with us. Click on the title to follow the link to each article. Please note that some of these articles are behind a paywall.

  • A review of the relation between species traits and extinction risk
    • Source: Biological Conservation, Volume 237
    • Author(s): Filipe Chichorro, Aino Juslén, Pedro Cardoso
    • Abstract: Biodiversity is shrinking rapidly, and despite our efforts only a small part of it has been assessed for extinction risk. Identifying the traits that make species…
  • Assessing conservation management practices within South Africa’s private game reserves
    • Source: Global Ecology and Conservation, Volume 20
    • Author(s): Peet van der Merwe, Beatriz Soares Vitoriano Maia
    • The South African Yearbook (2005/2006:570) states that more visitors are coming to South Africa to have a wildlife experience than in the past. With this growth in tourists, managers of protected areas would like to sustain these wildlife areas and thus need to have proper management plans in place for the activities…
  • Persecuting, protecting or ignoring biodiversity under climate change
    • Source: Nature Climate Change
    • Author(s): Brett R. Scheffers and Gretta Pecl
    • Abstract: A climate-driven global redistribution of species is currently underway. As species alter their geographical distributions under climate change, many will not only cross into new habitats but also new geopolitical areas…
  • Transforming Protected Area Management in China
    • Source: Trends in Ecology and Evolution
    • Author(s): Weihua Xu et al.
    • Abstract: We discuss institutional reforms to China’s protected area management. Currently (as elsewhere), protected areas suffer fragmented management, lack of a comprehensive classification, inadequate coverage of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and divided, inconsistent legislation. We recommend establishing…
  • Highway medians are a source of food for wildlife
    • Source: Wildlife Society Bulletin
    • Author(s): April Robin Martinig and Ashley A. D. Mclaren
    • Vegetated highway medians are a proverbial buffet for small mammals, according to biologists. Animals such as weasels, mink, and chipmunks use the roadside bands of vegetation as habitat to find food.

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