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Source: ‘Nature has priority’: Rewilding map showcases nature-led restoration 

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Species on the move: 4 ways conservation can adapt in an era of climate change 

The Conversation

Half of the planet’s non-human species are already on the move in response to climate change impacts on temperature, precipitation or the movement of other species. Some do well in their new locations, but others are threatened by the shifts because of a lack of food or a mismatch in the timing of pollinators,…

Global biodiversity is in crisis, but how bad is it? It’s complicated


Biodiversity has been defined as one of nine planetary boundaries that help regulate the planet’s operating system. But humanity is crossing those boundaries, threatening life on Earth. The big question: Where precisely is the threshold of environmental change that biodiversity can withstand…

We need true nature-positive solutions to address climate change

Green Biz

We need to promote and implement solutions that are not just vaguely “nature-based,” but actually and demonstrably “nature-positive” — meaning they help to halt and reverse the loss of natural ecosystems — by 2030, against a 2020 benchmark, while providing climate change mitigation and adaptation benefits…

Scientists use 3D printing to help save embattled coral reefs

Sustainability Times

The ocean covers most of the planet’s surface and is home to countless marine species. Ensuring the survival of marine life, whether microscopic bacteria or blue whales, is essential to maintaining a balanced ecosystem. However, many marine species are currently endangered…

Climate change is killing off soil organisms critical for some of Earth’s ecosystems


Just as our skin is key to our well-being, the “skin” covering desert soils is essential to life in dry places. This “biocrust,” made up of fungi, lichens, mosses, blue-green algae, and other microbes, retains water and produces nutrients that other organisms can use. Now, new research shows climate…

‘Nature has priority’: Rewilding map showcases nature-led restoration 


The Global Rewilding Alliance and OpenForests have officially launched a map of rewilding projects around the world. Organizations have contributed stories, photos and videos for projects in 70 countries covering 1 million square kilometers (386,000 square miles), and the alliance’s leaders say more…

Using drones to study forest canopy in UNESCO world heritage site

Old-growth forests provide windows into the history of both landscapes and climate. Furthermore, as the pressures of climate change and biodiversity loss amplify, studying and monitoring old-growth forests becomes increasingly important…

For secure, nature-positive food systems, Europe must invest in farmers

World Economic Forum

 It is important to continue emphasizing their importance by acknowledging that there is no pathway towards meeting our global Sustainable Development Goals that does not include transitioning towards net-zero, nature-positive and resilient food systems…

Recent notifications from the Convention on Biological Diversity

Virtual consultation workshop on a draft manual on the application of landscape approaches in the updating and implementation of national biodiversity strategies and action plans (NBSAPs) 25 and 26 April 2022

The workshop will be held twice, via the Zoom platform, to accommodate different time zones. It will be held in English only. I am pleased to invite you to register in one of the following workshop sessions by 20 April 2022…

Statement by Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive Secretary, Convention on Biological Diversity on the occasion of World Health Day

One key lesson is that the health of the planet is intimately connected to the health of people. And if we are to build a fairer, greener, healthier future, we must care for our planet the way we do about our own personal health…

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