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Source: Quarter of native UK mammals at imminent risk of extinction

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Smaller habitats worse than expected for biodiversity

A new study published in the journal Nature shows that the application of this theoretical model underestimates how many species go locally extinct when habitats are lost…

Cost of preventing next pandemic ‘equal to just 2% of Covid-19 economic damage’

World must act now to protect wildlife in order to stop future virus crises, say scientists…

To save the EU, its leaders must first focus on saving the planet 

European countries are spending big to revive their economies, but they will have no legitimacy with young people if they ignore the climate…

In 100 days, the climate emergency may be even more serious. That’s why we’re launching this series

The day after the election, the US is poised to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. 

New nature-friendly standard for solutions to global challenges unveiled

IUCN unveiled a Global Standard providing benchmarks for nature-based solutions to global challenges through a virtual conference yesterday.

Call to step up mangrove conservation efforts

The world’s most productive and intricate web of life can be found in mangroves, which provide critical breeding habitats for about 75 per cent of fish species caught in the oceans. Apart from supporting the world’s food systems, mangroves are the planet’s protectors…

Updated species extinction list signals urgent action needed to save life on Earth’

The U.S.-based Center for Biological Diversity warns of the “urgent action … with an ambitious post-2020 biodiversity framework which the upcoming IUCN … (COP 15) to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), …

Alarm over discovery of hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels near Galápagos Islands

The fleet, found just outside a protected zone, raises the prospect of damage to the marine ecosystem…

Investors drop Brazil meat giant JBS

Top investment house delists world biggest meat producer over lack of commitment to sustainability issues…

We are entering an era of pandemics – it will only end when we protect the rainforest

Reducing deforestation and the exploitation of wildlife are the first steps in breaking the chain of disease emergence Coronavirus…

Almost 3 billion animals affected by Australian bushfires, report shows

Exclusive: megafires ‘one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history’, say scientists…

Conservation of mangrove diversity in ASEAN as climate action and boost to economy

The world’s most productive and intricate web of life can be found in mangroves, which provide critical breeding habitats for about 75 percent of fish species caught in the oceans.

Re-imagining the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework in the COVID-19 Era

Recovery offers an opportunity for communities to integrate biodiversity into policies to strengthen resilience and human development.

The Environmental Costs of China’s Maritime Ambition

Too many Chinese vessels, whether fishing boats or dredgers, destroy marine protected areas.

South Africa’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2015 – 2025

Living in an era where environmental and sustainability issues are more visible than ever before, it becomes all the way more important on every level to ensure a balance between the two. While the two fields appear to be very different, and in fact at odds with each other, they are actually deeply intertwined.

The green ‘firewall’ for Indian cities

About a dozen cities in the country are in the process of reclaiming their native biodiversity to mitigate climatic changes and counter pandemics.

What is a Green Map?

Green Maps are used worldwide to highlight nature, culture and other values to create healthier communities.  Green Maps have been used to plot biodiversity around villages…

Tiger numbers ‘making a remarkable comeback’ in five countries, scientists say

The key to helping wild tiger populations recover is to focus on conserving landscapes where they can thrive and ensuring communities in these …

‘Geofencing’ helps reduce human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka

In the past two decades, Sri Lankan scientists have pioneered an effort to track the movements of more than 100 elephants using GPS satellite tracking collars.

GDP Is the Wrong Tool for Measuring What Matters

It’s time to replace gross domestic product with real metrics of well-being and sustainability…

Life and death: what readers in Australia are seeing post-bushfires

After last summer’s deadly bushfires, Guardian readers have found tentative signs of renewal in the charred landscape…

Quarter of native UK mammals at imminent risk of extinction

First official endangered list includes wildcat, red squirrel, water vole and hedgehog…

The Two Tigers That Make the Case for India to Protect Its Wildlife Corridors

The quadrennial All India Tiger Estimation of 2018 pegged the number of tigers in India at 2,967. There may not be much room for celebration here because most tiger reserves are currently threatened by…

More Than 200 Environmental Activists and Land Defenders Murdered in 2019

At least 212 environmental campaigners and land defenders, 40 percent of them from indigenous communities, were killed last year as they sought to protect their territories from incursions by mining interests, agribusiness, timber companies, and oil and gas corporations, according to the international…

Rethinking extinctions that arise from habitat loss

Does the loss of species through habitat decline follow the same pattern whether the area lost is part of a large or a small habitat? An analysis sheds light on this long-running debate, with its implications for conservation strategies.

Saving Earth: Conservationist Harvey Locke says we can only solve climate change if we address …

Locke stresses the need for a nature-positive, carbon-neutral future, adding that we need to stop the destruction of the ecosystem and build resilience in nature…

Migratory river fish populations plunge 76% in past 50 years

Decline in species such as salmon harms entire ecosystems and livelihoods, say researchers…

Endangered species get a huge bump when private lands are brought into the conservation mix

A recent study found that protecting America’s undeveloped, privately held lands could push all of the country’s endangered mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles past a crucial habitat threshold.

The lockdown seriously impacted Mediterranean MPAs

During the lockdown, we circulated a small survey throughout the network to assess how network members were dealing with the impacts of the sanitary measures on the planning and management of their MPAs…

Site managers report on Covid-19

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre would like to warmly thank the site managers and staff who made the effort to update us during this particularly difficult time.This page will continue to be updated…

Recent notifications from the Convention on Biological Diversity

Revised date of the Summit on Biodiversity – 30 September 2020

As noted in the earlier notification, and as set out in Resolution 74/269 of the General Assembly, the Summit on Biodiversity will be convened during the high-level week of the seventy-fifth session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) under the theme “Urgent Action on Biodiversity for Sustainable Development”.

Consultation and Information Briefing on a Draft Outline of a new gender plan of action

In order to support the Subsidiary Body on Implementation at its third meeting, in particular for agenda item 3, Review of progress in the implementation of the Convention and the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, which will consider, amongst other matters, the review of implementation of the 2015-2020 Gender Plan of Action and a new draft gender plan of action for the post-2020 period, the Executive Secretary has prepared a draft outline of a gender plan of action, now available for your input at:

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