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ENB Report | SBSTTA 23 | 28 Nov 2019 | Montreal, CA | IISDRS

On Thursday, 28 November 2019, IISD Reporting Services, through its Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) Meeting Coverage, produced a daily report from the 23rd Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical, and Technological Advice (SBSTTA 23) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD),…

Mediterranean marine protection failing as 2020 deadline looms

A new WWF report shows that Mediterranean countries are failing on their global commitment to protect at least 10% of marine and coastal areas, and to stop ongoing biodiversity loss in the region.

11th meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Article 8(j) and Related Provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity

The last time I was together with many of you, in Nairobi just a few months ago, we spoke about the importance of the task ahead as you set the direction for the Convention on Biological Diversity after 2020.

Ecological Connectivity Central to CMS COP 13 Theme

Amy Fraenkel, Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of … under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 2020 in China.

WWF says Med states falling short in marine environment protection

… of 10 percent set for 2020 in both United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 and the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Aichi Target 11.

ASEAN speaks with one voice for post-2020 biodiversity framework

On the sidelines of the 23rd Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA 23) of the Convention on …

Expert Workshop to Identify Options for Modifying the Description of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs) and Describing New EBSAs, 3 to 5 February 2020 – Brussels, Belgium

The Secretariat will convene theExpert Workshop toIdentify Options for Modifying the Description of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs) and Describing New EBSAs, from 3 to 5 February 2020, in Brussels, Belgium.

How a resurgence in Indigenous governance is leading to better conservation

Far from the old mentality of ‘fortress conservation’ that deemed only empty landscapes as adequately protected, a new era of Indigenous-led conservation is not only better at protecting wild places but embraces the communities and cultures that have stewarded these lands since time immemorial

India tiger on ‘longest walk ever’ for mate and prey

A tiger has undertaken the longest walk ever recorded in India, travelling some 1,300km (807 miles) in five months. Experts believe the two-and-a-half-year-old male is possibly in search of prey, territory or a mate.

Ecosystems restoration is a grassroots response to global challenges

Interview with Musonda Mumba, UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) incoming chair of the Global Partnership on Forests and Landscape Restoration.

Indigenous animal tracking saving Australian marsupials from extinction

A smartphone application that allows indigenous Australian rangers to track endangered species’ in their own language has been hailed a success.

Amazon is burning every year, reminds Nat Geo Society’s Chief Scientist Jonathan Baillie

National Geographic Society’s chief scientist Jonathan Baillie warns that we need to heed nature’s wake-up call

New City Biodiversity Index for Hyderabad soon

Though Hyderabad released its CBI during the Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) in 2012, it was not reassessed all these …

UN chief says humanity’s ‘war against nature’ must stop

The UN chief’s comments were clearly aimed at the handful of countries responsible for more than half of global greenhouse gas emissions, though he …

Saving the Whanganui: can personhood rescue a river?

The Guardian travelled the length of the Whanganui in New Zealand to investigate whether new legal protections will make a difference.

‘Let the forests grow’: protecting old trees key in EU’s fight against climate change

The European Union (EU) has a unique chance to effectively abate the dire consequences of the looming climate emergency on future generations – and to do so it needs to address the problems in its own backyard, a leading climate scientist said on Monday.

COP25 begins in Madrid amid bleak assessments of climate change

Dozens of world leaders gathered at the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Spain Monday amid a sense of urgency sparked by a pair of alarming scientific reports issued last month.

Climate change: COP25 island nation in ‘fight to death’

The president of an island nation on the frontline of climate change says it is in a “fight to the death” after freak waves inundated the capital. Powerful swells averaging 5m (16ft) washed across the capital of the Marshall Islands, Majuro, last week.

Climate change shifting protected marine ecosystems outside conservation areas

Governments may have to rethink how they conserve ocean ecosystems as climate change forces marine animals from their usual homes, says newly …

Nine climate tipping points now ‘active,’ warn scientists

More than half of the climate tipping points identified a decade ago are now ‘active,’ a group of leading scientists have warned.

Invasive species set to exploit climate change in Antarctica

In the tiny part of Antarctica where the snow melts in springtime, mosses, lichens and grasses grow alongside flies, mites and colonies of micro-organisms that have fed and reproduced for millions of years.

Europeans fear climate change more than terrorism, unemployment or migration

Almost half of all Europeans fear climate change more than losing a job or of a terrorist attack, a study by the European Investment Bank (EIB) showed on Thursday as EU lawmakers declared a “climate emergency”.

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