Global Conservation News December 8

Source: 40 endangered sea turtles injured when water off Massachusetts cooled quickly

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Measures in place to preserve marine environment, maintain water quality

The Peninsula

The Water Quality Section at Environmental Monitoring and Laboratory Department of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is implementing a number of projects to preserve marine environment and maintain water quality in Qatar. The projects aim to achieve sustainability and environmental…

How to protect and restore EU’s seas

BirdLife International

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are an important tool for protecting and conserving marine ecosystems and their associated services in the long term. However, MPAs require proper management to achieve their conservation objectives…

Indigenous groups unveil plan to protect 80% of the Amazon in Peru and Ecuador


A new plan called the Amazon Sacred Headwaters initiative proposes the protection of 80% of the Amazon in Peru and Ecuador by 2025, consisting of 35 million hectares (86 million acres) of rainforest. The Amazonian Indigenous organizations leading the plan aim to center Indigenous-led forest management…

Antarctic visitors threaten world’s largest remaining wilderness

The Guardian

One particularly aggressive invader is the annual meadowgrass, widespread in many parts of the world, which has colonised ice-free areas left behind by retreating glaciers in Antarctica. These are all worrying signs of rapid changes in Antarctica, the world’s largest remaining wilderness…

Biodiversity flies under the radar, but is as pressing as climate change

Business Day

This is unsurprising since it has taken 26 COPs for Climate Change to really gain traction with the business community, so this Johnny Come Lately still has a way to go before it starts grabbing headlines. Unfortunately, however, the urgency with which this issue must be dealt is no less pressing…

How countries can contribute to ocean governance in Africa

Modern Ghana

Ocean governance is an important aspect of global governance. However, one of the challenges facing ocean governance is lack of an international governing mechanism particularly in the High Seas or Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) – outside of states’ jurisdictions, covering more than 50%…

40 endangered sea turtles injured when water off Massachusetts cooled quickly

The Guardian

The Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, the most endangered of six species found in US waters, were flown to Mississippi. Forty endangered sea turtles injured when the water off Massachusetts cooled down so quickly that they couldn’t swim away are being nursed back to health at the Mississippi Aquarium…

Tree-planting goals miss the forest for the lack of diverse, good-quality seeds


Ambitious plans by India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines to restore tens of millions of hectares of degraded land by 2030 could be derailed by a lack of good-quality and genetically diverse native seeds, according to a new study. Researchers, who surveyed tree restoration practitioners…

Restoring coastal forests can protect coral reefs against sediment runoff: Study


Corals have declined by 50% over the last 30 years, with losses of 70-90% expected by mid-century. This mass decline is largely attributed to human activity. One of the major threats to coral is sediment runoff from deforested areas, with research estimating 41% of the world’s coral reefs are affected by sediment…

Recent notifications from the Convention on Biological Diversity

Postponement: Resumed sessions of SBSTTA 24, SBI 3 and WG2020-3

Following the uncertainties on global health posed by the recent emergence of Omicron, declared a Variant of Concern by the World Health Organization, and travel measures and restrictions imposed in a number of countries […] has determined that the resumed sessions of the meetings cannot be held on the planned dates and accordingly will be postponed to a later date in 2022…

Statement by Elizabeth Maruma Mrema Executive Secretary, Convention on Biological Diversity on the occasion of World Soil Day, 5 December 2021

Above-ground biodiversity relies on below-ground biodiversity – the biodiversity we cannot see that works beneath our feet. Soil biodiversity underpins the functioning of ecosystems that provide essential functions and services to sustain food and water security and deliver multiple benefits to virtually all facets of sustainable development…

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