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Source: We must prioritize the protection of ecosystems

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13th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species – Summary Highlights
The Committee of the Whole (CoW) of the thirteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CMS COP13) resumed Saturday morning…

We have a chance to halt biodiversity loss. The stakes have never been higher

Negotiations over a 10-year agenda for nature are about to begin. Our ecological future depends on the engagement of every global citizen. The year 2020 has been designated a “super year for nature”, when the global community will rededicate itself to halting biodiversity loss with a 10-year action agenda…

Putting biodiversity on the balance sheet

It will be presented in October at the 15th United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. The ambassador of the review, Sir David Attenborough…

Hundreds of bird species in India are declining

Hundreds of bird species in India are in decline, according to the country’s first major report on the state of bird populations. Birds of prey and waterbirds seem to have been hit particularly hard owing to habitat destruction, hunting and the pet trade.

New strategy needed to curb ‘jaw-dropping’ wildlife trafficking in southeast Asia: Report

Organised criminal networks aided by wildlife cybercrime, inadequate laws and dismal conviction rates allow illegal trade to flourish…

Conservationists deserve protection

The global conservation community is shocked and deeply concerned about the deaths of two butterfly conservationists in Mexico. On 29 January, environmentalist… 

Sweden joins UK ocean protection campaign

Sweden has become the latest nation to join the UK’s Global Ocean Alliance to help drive urgent action to safeguard the ocean and protect its precious wildlife.

We need money for nature: not lies about climate spending

The problem is, half of that money is meant to come from the Common …

‘The World Must Act Boldly’: 23 Former Diplomats Urge Global Leaders to Adopt Paris-Style …

“Humanity sits on the precipice of irreversible loss of biodiversity and a climate crisis that imperils the future for our grandchildren and generations to come.”

Backing the trillion tree campaign to combat climate crisis

Politicians and influencers are signing up to the campaign, but to get things right we must keep in mind the science behind it, says Tom Crowther… 

Great Barrier Reef Shows Early Signs of Another Major Bleaching Event

Parts of the Great Barrier Reef are showing signs of heat stress, raising the risk of another major coral bleaching event, scientists from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority have announced. 

We must prioritize the protection of ecosystems

Prioritising and tracking the protection of countries’ ecosystems-from wetlands to reefs, forests and more, is critical to protecting Earth’s biodiversity.

Warming, acidic oceans may nearly eliminate coral reef habitats by 2100

Rising sea surface temperatures and acidic waters could eliminate nearly all existing coral reef habitats by 2100, suggesting restoration projects in these areas will likely meet serious challenges, according to… 

Great Barrier Reef on brink of third major coral bleaching in five years, scientists warn

If ocean temperatures don’t drop in the next two weeks, heat stress could tip reef over into another widespread event…

Giraffe extinct in 7 countries, warn experts

A century ago, more than one million giraffe used to roam across sub-Saharan Africa. But these gentle giants are now extinct in at least seven countries with only… 

Fates of humans and insects intertwined, warn scientists

Experts call for solutions to be enforced immediately to halt global population collapses… 

The United Nations must get its new biodiversity targets right

Global goals to reduce biodiversity loss will be revised this year. All eyes are on China, which must ensure the new targets are measurable and meaningful.

Set a global target for ecosystems

The conservation community must be able to track countries’ progress in protecting wetlands, reefs, forests and more, argue James Watson and colleagues.

WWF recovery plan to save the world’s freshwaters from collapse

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has published an emergency recovery plan to prevent the collapse of biodiversity in the world’s freshwater rivers, lakes and wetlands. Freshwater covers approximately… 

A Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework Aims at Reinforcing Efforts to Save World’s Ecosystem

The new framework will be considered and adopted by the 196 Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at the 2020 UN Biodiversity …

Recent notifications from the Convention on Biological Diversity


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