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Source: A Pro-Nature Economy Will Create Jobs And Prosperity

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Nature’s Future, Our Future – The World Speaks


This compilation of quotes and extracts aims to capture a critical moment – an unprecedented call for a global transformation of human society and economies to one which recognises that to live sustainably on this finite earth we must treat the natural world as the fabric which sustains all life…

A Pro-Nature Economy Will Create Jobs And Prosperity

Brink News

Financial decision-making has largely ignored our dependency — and impact — on nature. As a result, we’re now on course to destroy the very ecological wealth that has underwritten millennia of human progress and prosperity. But 2021 could be the year we choose a better path…

The case for nature

New Internationalist

According to scientists, the extinction threat is equally as urgent as climate change and in one aspect worse – extinction is irreversible; once a species is gone, it’s gone for good. We cannot solve the threats of human-induced climate change and loss of biodiversity in isolation. We either solve both or we solve neither…

As nature declines, so does human quality of life, study finds


Researchers working with the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) reviewed more than 2,000 studies to determine how environmental decline is affecting human well-being…

‘This land feeds our souls’: the battle to save the Rockies from big coal

The Guardian 

Growing opposition to the lifting of mining protections in Alberta has forced the Canadian province to backtrack…

Glacier at forefront of whitebark pine tree conservation

Toronto Star

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last month proposed listing the whitebark pine as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. For the last 24 years, Glacier National Park has been quietly working to conserve the species over its 1 million acres of wildlands…

Restoring the balance of nature and reversing food insecurity starts with land reform

Daily Maverick

The seed for food sovereignty has been firmly planted on South African soil. It is this seed which must now grow into a stronger, bolder, impactful network that can take food sovereignty to the next level. The Climate Justice Charter correctly calls…

Indonesia to push for mine rehab, reforestation after deadly floods


The Indonesian government plans to reforest watershed areas in the Bornean province of South Kalimantan and compel coal-mining companies to rehabilitate their concessions there in response to recent deadly floods. Pit mines have degraded large swaths of the region’s watershed…

Nature calling: how can Sweden’s success story help rewild London?

The Guardian

London will become the largest city in the world to introduce a green space system in the coming weeks. Called the Urban Greening Factor, the plan calls for boroughs to implement urban greening practices, with a handful already one step ahead. Much of the inspiration has come from the Swedish city…

India readies blueprint for protecting endangered turtles

The Pioneer

Approximately 61% of worldwide turtle species are threatened or extinct. The ‘Marine Mega Fauna Stranding Guidelines’ and ‘National Marine Turtle Action Plan’ contain ways and means for India to guide improved response to cases of stranding, entanglement, injury or mortality of marine mammals…

Cheetahs born in Canada return to Africa

Radio Canada International

Two of four cheetahs born in a zoo in Quebec have been returned to Africa and, after being acclimatized, will be turned out into a wildlife preserve in Zimbabwe. Cheetah populations plummeted by 85% over the last fifteen years, which may be due to “dramatic changes in land use patterns”…

Pangolins need stricter protection in Ghana

Joy Online

A renowned Botanist and Global Biodiversity Advocate, Professor Alfred Oteng-Yeboah says pangolins play a critical role in the ecology just as other organisms and make the system complete…

How kangaroos could be jeopardising conservation efforts across Australia

The Guardian 

New research Letnic is involved in highlights a worrying trend for areas of Australia’s semi-arid interior that are being protected for conservation. Changing the landscape for livestock farming has given kangaroos an unnatural advantage, adding convenient watering holes and extra grass…

Whale threats from fishing gear ‘underestimated’

BBC News

The risk that whales can get entangled in fishing nets appears to have been underestimated, according to a new study. As many as 60% of blue whales in Canada’s Gulf of St Lawrence have come into contact with fishing ropes and nets, based on scarring seen on photographs snapped by drones…

A ‘uniquely American whale’: new species discovered off southern US coast

The Guardian 

Rice’s whales already considered endangered by the US with a population estimated at fewer than 100. Genetic analysis and a close examination of the skulls from a group of baleen whales in the north-eastern Gulf of Mexico have revealed that they are a new species…

Cacophony of human noise is hurting marine life, scientists warn

The Guardian

The damage caused by noise is as harmful as overfishing, pollution and the climate crisis, the scientists said, but is being dangerously overlooked. The good news, they said, is that noise can be stopped instantly and does not have lingering effects, as the other problems do…

Ending tropical deforestation is vital to public health, scientists say


Over the past century, researchers have discovered an average of two novel viruses per year with the ability to infect humans. Many of these viruses come from animals, and as more forests are lost, that number is on the rise…

New approaches needed to protect biodiversity as Aichi Targets go unmet


As the planet continues its trajectory into what some have dubbed “the sixth mass extinction,” the diversity of life on Earth is at risk. The Aichi Biodiversity Targets were established by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in an effort to protect and conserve biodiversity…

Study reveals how species once extinct in the wild have bounced back


After an extensive survey, the researchers determined that conservation actions have prevented 21 to 32 extinctions of birds and seven to 16 extinctions of mammals since 1993; and nine to 18 bird extinctions and two to seven mammal extinctions since 2010…

Recent notifications from the Convention on Biological Diversity

Biodiversity Convention and International Tropical Timber Organization renew collaboration to 2025

New memorandum of understanding between the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will help facilitate collaboration with bilateral and multilateral funding sources, including the Global Environment Facility and Green Climate Fund…

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