Global Conservation News January 12

Source: Across the Boreal Forest, Scientists Are Tracking Warming’s Toll

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Global Risks Report 2022: What you need to know 

World Economic Forum

Climate action failure, extreme weather events, and biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse were considered the top three of the top 10 global risks by severity over the next 10 years in the annual Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS)…

A New Marine Protected Area to Protect Biodiversity and Coral Habitat Around Saint Martin’s Island in Bangladesh


Government moves to protect waters around Saint Martin’s Island, home to Bangladesh’s only coral reef and threatened Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and whale sharks. The new MPA covers 1,743 square kilometers and brings Bangladesh one step closer to the goal of protecting 10 percent of its marine…

Wild release marks return of giant forest tortoises to Bangladesh hills 


Researchers and villagers last month released 10 captive-bred Asian giant tortoises into Bangladesh’s Chattogram Hill Tracts to boost numbers of the threatened species in the wild, once thought to be extinct in the country. Asian giant tortoises are critically endangered…

Protecting nature’s best carbon sink: Peatlands

Science Line

These swampy lands play a crucial role in balancing Earth’s atmosphere by storing carbon. One square meter of unassuming peatland can hold five times more carbon than the soil of a tropical rainforest. Today, this land is under threat from fires, rising temperatures and development…

Antarctica: Invasive species ‘hitchhiking’ on ships

BBC News

Species from around the world that are “hitching a lift” on ships threaten Antarctica’s pristine marine ecosystem. That is the conclusion of a study tracking research, fishing and tourist vessels that routinely visit the protected, otherwise isolated region. It revealed that ships from 1,500 ports around the globe…

Protected marine areas should serve nature and people: a review of South Africa’s efforts

The Conversation

Marine protected areas in South Africa and across the world have an identity crisis. For some, they’re the answer to all marine conservation challenges. They prevent habitat destruction and unsustainable resource extraction, and provide resilience against climate change…

South Africa’s coastlines are a biodiversity hotspot

CNN World

From nesting sea turtles to the annual arrival of the whales, Southern Africa’s oceans are bursting with life. There are penguins, dolphins, sardines and sharks. And there are the humans, too — scientists and local residents working together to protect all of the marine species that make this coastline…

When endangered species recover, humans may need to make room for them – and it’s not always easy

The Conversation

Nations are now preparing for a landmark U.N. conference on protecting Earth’s biodiversity that will take place in China from April 25 to May 8, 2022; one important question is how humans can strike a new balance with recovering species such as sea lions, sharks and whales, and make space…

Protecting and enhancing the environment to be at the heart of new infrastructure developments

Pro Landscaper Magazine

The proposals set out in the Biodiversity Net Gain consultation will help communities, planners, developers and Local Planning Authorities ensure new developments are “nature positive” – which means putting nature and biodiversity gain at the heart of all decision-making and design…

Chelsea flower show to feature planet-friendly garden designs

The Guardian

Naturally rewilded landscapes, fungi and a beaver habitat to be showcased alongside manicured gardens. Their garden will show naturally rewilded landscape in the south-west of England, with the designers saying they will be showing the role of beavers as incredible bioengineers within a natural ecosystem…

Regent honeyeaters were once kings of flowering gums. Now they’re on the edge of extinction. What happened?

The Conversation

Less than 80 years ago, regent honeyeaters ruled Australia’s flowering gum forests, with huge raucous flocks roaming from Adelaide to Rockhampton. Now, there are less than 300 birds left in the wild. Habitat loss has pushed the survivors into little pockets across their once vast range…

Across the Boreal Forest, Scientists Are Tracking Warming’s Toll

Yale Environment 360

From Minnesota to the Northwest Territories, researchers are studying dramatic changes in the vast northern forests: thawing permafrost, drowned trees, methane releases, increased wildfires, and the slow transformation of these forests from carbon sinks to carbon emitters…

‘Only the rains will stop it’: Bolivia forest fires hit protected areas


In Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s biggest department, 58% of the burned land was in protected areas, stoked in part by temperatures reaching as high as 43°C (109.4°F). Officials say an increase in the number of firefighters and an early-warning system should help contain the burning, but add that “only the rains…

Drop in Rain Forest Productivity Could Speed Future Climate Change


Tropical forests host a rich diversity of plant and animal life and process vast amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). Therefore, researchers have been particularly interested in how these ecosystems might be affected by climate change. Some have hypothesized that the rise in atmospheric CO2…

Recent notifications from the Convention on Biological Diversity

Upcoming webinars to support discussions at the resumed sessions of SBSTTA-24, SBI-3 and WG2020-3

SBSTTA-24, SBI-3 and WG2020-3, scheduled to take place on 13-29 March 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland, the Secretariat, in collaboration with the SBSTTA Chair, the SBI Chair and the WG2020 Co-Chairs, as well as partner organizations, will host a series of webinars leading up to the resumed sessions, to update Parties and stakeholders on new documents, the organization of work and other aspects of the meetings, as needed…

Fourth Call for Proposals under the Bio-Bridge Initiative

I am pleased to announce that the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity is now accepting proposals for the fourth round of technical and scientific cooperation demonstration projects under the Bio-Bridge Initiative (BBI)…

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