Global Conservation News July 7

Source: Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework: ‘Implementation needs more resources’

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In the high seas, scientists uncover a ‘vortex of life’

Conservation International 

On the surface, the international waters off the coasts of Peru and Chile are a seemingly barren expanse. But beneath the waves, two underwater mountain chains — known as the Salas y Gómez and Nazca ridges — are bursting with life…

Tiger habitat threatened by Malaysian royals’ mining plans


A company owned by members of Pahang state’s royal family plans to mine iron ore in a forest reserve that is home to 15 threatened species, including tigers, elephants, tapirs, sun bears and leopards. The area, which was until June 2019 listed as a permanent forest reserve, is part of a wildlife corridor…

Biodiversity loss could wreck the global financial system – and it’s only a matter of time

The Guardian

The world’s biodiversity is declining faster than at any other time in human history, and an estimated 1 million species are at risk of extinction. Corporate Australia is familiar with the concept that climate change presents a financial risk to the global economy, but more recently biodiversity loss has…

Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework: ‘Implementation needs more resources’

Down To Earth

All ASEAN countries face challenges in achieving the two sustainable development goals on biodiversity, leaders said in final session of 3rd ASEAN Conference on Biodiversity. Developing countries will need resources for proper implementation of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework…

Biodiversity 3.0: Natural England unveils new metric to help deliver biodiversity net gain

Business Green

The government’s controversial planning reforms may be under fire from both environmental campaigners and Conservative backbenchers alike, but that has not stopped it today moving to bolster plans to ensure new developments deliver net benefits to the UK’s biodiversity…

Recent notifications from the Convention on Biological Diversity

New finance guide aims to mobilize financial institutions to positively engage with nature

First-of-a-kind guide to help financial institutions learn about importance of nature for the financial sector, how to engage in the CBD process, and take biodiversity positive actions…

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