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Source: The Guardian view on Europe’s green deal: stick to the plan

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Major climate, nature talks threatened by coronavirus

The biodiversity convention was established to ensure sustainable and equitable use of nature and genetic resources. Communities from least…

Ocean Species Are Shifting toward the Poles

Changes in species abundance can throw food chains out of whack and put livelihoods at risk…

U.N. Shifts from Climate Change to Coronavirus

Secretary-General António Guterres still urged countries not to lose sight of the global warming challenge…

The European Green Deal: Biodiversity can’t wait

Protecting biodiversity can no longer take a back seat. We at the EESC call on the Commission to mainstream biodiversity into all the EU’S policies…

‘Robust economy, financial system critical to reversing nature’s depletion’

The transformation of the world’s economic and financial systems remains critical to reversing nature’s depletion and achieving SDGs…

Brazil scales back environmental enforcement amid coronavirus outbreak

Experts fear efforts to protect field agents from virus could lead to surge in deforestation…

Trump administration allows companies to break pollution laws during coronavirus pandemic

Extraordinary move signals to US companies that they will not face any sanctions for polluting the air or water…

‘Put Earth first’: can a greener, fairer fashion industry emerge from crisis?

After Covid19, the best we can hope for the fashion industry is a rebirth that puts people and planet ahead of profits. Earth Hour this Saturday is a further reminder that every moment counts…

The Guardian view on Europe’s green deal: stick to the plan

The cost and impact of coronavirus will imperil necessary action on the climate emergency. Towns and cities must use their collective imaginations to make a difference…

Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks Find Opposition Within: Staff Scientists

Federal scientists and lawyers, told to undo regulations that some have worked on for decades, have embedded data into technical documents that environmental lawyers are using to challenge the rollbacks.

A healthier environment is an unintended consequence of the coronavirus

One significant positive from the COVID-19 pandemic? As economies are crashing, industries shuttered, and people mandated to shelter in place, the beneficiary of this is the natural environment.

The Great Barrier Reef is Experiencing Its Third Mass Bleaching Event in Five Years

Australian officials have confirmed that the Great Barrier Reef is experiencing “very widespread” coral bleaching — the reef’s third mass-bleaching event in five years. 

International regulations have paused a jet-stream shift in the Southern Hemisphere

The Antarctic ozone hole shifted the jet stream in the Southern Hemisphere poleward, leading to hemisphere-wide climatic changes. But the Montreal Protocol, which banned ozone-depleting substances, has halted the shift.

Expert: To prevent future pandemics, ‘take care of nature’

Conservation News spoke to Hannah about how giving nature space could help curb future disease outbreaks. 

Can California Reverse Biodiversity Decline?

It’s now or never for this biodiversity mission. The state has more than 300 endangered species ranging from the desert slender salamander to the California condor. Scientists say two-thirds of the state’s native plants will lose…

To Meet Paris Agreement Targets, India Should Pay More Attention to Soil

The first Biennial Transparency Reports for NDCs submitted in 2015 are due in 2022 for developed countries to 2024 for developing countries. But debates continue about the feasibility of both…

Aggressive action to address climate change could save the world $145 trillion

Climate solutions are expensive investments in the short run but will yield huge long-term savings, according to new research by Project Drawdown.

Seychelles protects 30 percent of territorial waters, meeting target 10 years ahead of schedule

Seychelles has legally designated 30 percent of its territorial waters as marine protected areas 10 years ahead of international targets…

COVID-19 updates from the United Nations Environment Programme

The transmission of diseases, like the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, between animals and humans (zoonoses) threatens economic development, animal and human well-being, and ecosystem integrity. 

Uncertainty looms over climate change and biodiversity talks in 2020

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID 19) has forced the United Nations to cancel several meetings or go digital, ahead of the crucial COP 26 to be held in November 2020.

New UN Report Warns Of Adverse Impacts Of Climate Change – Analysis

A new UN study has warned of accelerating climate change on land, sea and in the atmosphere. Compiled by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), parented by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the report documents impacts of weather and climate events on socio-economic development, human…

Why marine protected areas are often not where they should be

There’s no denying the grandeur and allure of a nature reserve or marine protected area. The concept is easy to understand: limit human activity there and marine ecosystems will thrive.

Rethinking policies for the global bio-economy

The global policy that governs access to genetic resources and the sharing of benefits derived from them – which is now almost 30 years old – needs to be rethought.

Recent notifications from the Convention on Biological Diversity

CBD Notification SCBD/OES/EM/DC/88792 (2020-032): 

  • New dates and venue: Twenty-fourth Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA 24), 25 to 30 August 2020, and Third Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI 3), 1 to 6 September 2020, Ottawa, Canada

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