Global Conservation News March 9

Source: Protecting the ocean, from the land

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NatureServe’s Map of Biodiversity Importance Pin-points Areas of Conservation Priority


New research unveils a high-resolution view of where to protect our nation’s most imperiled plants and animals. A study led by NatureServe with partners from Esri, The Nature Conservancy, and the NatureServe Network offers an unprecedented, fine-scale map of the places that matter most…

A ‘manta ray ruler’ could help protect these gentle giants

Conservation International Blog

Manta rays are some of the most highly intelligent — and threatened — fish in the sea. In recent years, populations of these mysterious, winged creatures have plummeted by up to 95 percent in some areas — largely as a result of overfishing or being caught unintentionally — and scientists are scrambling to…

Protecting the ocean, from the land

China Dialogue Ocean

There is an expanse of wetland where the Yellow River flows into the sea in Dongying, Shandong province, where birds gather and seawater laps over the grasses and shrubs. Here, in October last year, the National Park Administration approved the creation of China’s first “integrated land-sea” national…

The services nature provides are at risk in a hot world

Mail & Guardian

Climate change is unravelling ecosystems and has caused widespread local population extinctions among plants and animals, according to a new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the effects of global warming, species adaptation and their vulnerability…

‘Women of the wild’: the platform giving India’s nature experts a voice

The Guardian

Frustrated by a lack of female representation, film-maker Akanksha Sood Singh set up an Instagram account to showcase ‘the untold stories of women working for science and nature’ I wish these things wouldn’t happen to anyone,” says Akanksha Sood Singh, a wildlife film-maker based in Delhi…

Is the Amazon rainforest on the verge of collapse? 

The Conversation

The Amazon has existed as a dense and humid rainforest teeming with life for at least 55 million years. But in a new paper, scientists claim that over 75% of the ecosystem has been losing resilience since the early 2000s due to climate change. This process appears to be most prominent in areas that are closer…

In plan for African wildlife corridors, there’s more than one elephant in the room


An ambitious plan by a conservation NGO calls for linking up elephant habitats throughout East and Southern Africa by establishing wildlife corridors. But the “Room to Roam” plan, still at the conceptual stage, faces the difficult challenge of getting the agreement of thousands of private, traditional…

Here’s how natural climate solutions and carbon finance can tackle nature loss and climate change 

World Economic Forum

Natural climate solutions can help states meet their climate change commitments outlined in the 2015 UN Paris Agreement. Carbon finance can be used to help address the twin crises of nature loss and climate change. The NCS Alliance Investment Accelerator supports efforts to raise investment…

Recent notifications from the Convention on Biological Diversity

Updated Information and Extension of Deadline: Sustainable Ocean Initiative Capacity-Building Workshop for the Wider Caribbean and Central America on Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures in the Marine Fishery Sector, 20-21 April and 27-28 April 2022, virtual

Parties, other Governments and relevant organizations and initiatives in the Wider Caribbean and Central America were invited to participate in the Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) Capacity-Building Workshop for the Wider Caribbean and Central America on Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures in the Marine Fishery Sector, to be held virtually from 20 to 21 April 2022 (Part 1) and from 27 to 28 April 2022 (Part 2)…

Code of Conduct to Prevent Harassment at CBD Events

This is to kindly draw your attention to the Code of Conduct issued by the United Nations (UN) to prevent harassment, including sexual harassment, at UN System events, which include meetings, conferences, side events, workshops and other events organized under the Convention on Biological Diversity and its Protocols’ processes…

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