Global Conservation News November 18th

Source: Stopping habitat loss is the key to saving Canada’s endangered species

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Strengthening Synergies: How action to achieve post-2020 global biodiversity conservation targets can contribute to mitigating climate change

UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre

The climate and biodiversity crises are fundamentally connected, and more integrated approaches are needed to address them effectively. The 2020 Conferences of Parties to the UNFCCC and the CBD provides a unique opportunity to bring new scientific advances to inform and strengthen…

Stopping habitat loss is the key to saving Canada’s endangered species

The Hamilton Spectator

Canada’s commitment to protect 30 percent of our land and inland waters by 2030 will help us meet an important conservation milestone, but many of these new protected areas and conservation lands will be in our northlands. This is also a landscape that is under the most immediate threat…

Study finds ticks choose humans over dogs when temperature rises

The Guardian 

Experiment put a human in one box, a dog in another and saw which the ticks preferred. Confining a young researcher in one box and a dog in another and unleashing blood-sucking ticks to scamper between the boxes sounds like a stunt from I’m A Celebrity…

At Sea and in Court, the Fight to Save Right Whales Intensifies

Yale Environment 360

As numbers of North Atlantic right whales continue to decline because of entanglements with fishing gear and fatal ship strikes, conservationists are waging an escalating legal battle to force fishermen to take more aggressive measures to protect the world’s rarest cetacean…

As the Oceans Warm, Hurricanes Stay Stronger Longer

Scientific American 

Hurricane season is drawing to a close, but not before setting a record. Tropical Storm Theta became the 29th named Atlantic storm this week, making 2020 the busiest season on record. And it’s not just the total number of storms that’s remarkable. At least nine storms this year underwent a process…

Entangled: How a global seaweed ‘plague’ threatens West Africa’s coastline


From the Gulf of Guinea to the mouth of the Senegal River, a sprawling shroud of seaweed is choking coastal ecosystems and the fishing communities that depend on them. Offshore, it snags lines, breaks nets and clogs up outboard motors. On shore, it accumulates in vast brown heaps, obstructing…

Scientists in Costa Rica are growing new corals to save reefs


For three years, Raising Coral Costa Rica has been snapping off coral pieces from existing reefs to grow them in an underwater nursery. Months later, the team moves the nursery-grown corals and attaches them to skeleton-like structures that once were living, thriving reefs in the Golfo Dulce…

Conserve freshwater or land biodiversity? Why not both, new study asks


Integrating aquatic biodiversity into conservation planning could yield substantial benefits for freshwater species with minimal cost to terrestrial creatures, according to a study published in Science last month. Conservation areas are often determined based on the needs and distributions of terrestrial…

Conservation must be primary goal of great ape tourism, despite COVID-driven recessions


Organizations that rely on visitors to finance conservation must strike a delicate balance between protecting these endangered species and generating sufficient revenue to fund critical law enforcement efforts which prevent illegal activities, including poaching or deforestation…

Amazon deforestation shoots higher in October, reversing 3-month trend


Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon rose 50 percent in October, ending a streak where the region’s deforestation rate had declined for three straight months, according to data released Friday by the national space research institute INPE. The news came shortly after Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro…

The riddle of Madagascar’s megafauna extinction just got trickier


The growing consensus that the earth is in the throes of a sixth mass extinction has focused attention on a centuries-old ecological puzzle: why do species suddenly disappear by the droves? Madagascar could hold some lessons, but scientists are still debating what happened there. The vast tropical island…

Saudi Arabia’s nature reserves thrive in bid to replenish numbers of threatened animals

Arab News

Saudi Arabia is increasing the number of its protected lands and nature reserves to replenish the dwindling number of indigenous species. The peninsula’s diverse and unique landscape is in need of protection and a number of conservation projects and funds have been initiated to address the issue…

Recent notifications from the Convention on Biological Diversity

UN Biodiversity Convention’s Conference of the Parties holds three extraordinary meetings to address urgent programmatic matter for 2021 

The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is hosting three extraordinary meetings to consider and approve an interim budget for 2021. The purpose of the meetings is to ensure the continued operation of the CBD Secretariat and strengthen momentum in the implementation of its programme of work pending the holding of postponed governing bodies conferences…

New report shows vast majority of consumers surveyed feel companies morally obligated to protect biodiversity

A majority of consumers surveyed in the report feel that ‘companies have a moral obligation to ensure that they have a positive impact on people and biodiversity.’ More than 70% of consumers surveyed suggested their trust is higher when a brand’s commitment to ethical sourcing of biodiversity is independently verified…

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