Global Conservation News Jul. 23

The latest news related to nature conservation from around the world. If there is an important news article we missed, please get in contact with us.

Forest growth limited over next 60 years, study finds

A team of researchers have determined that the ability of North American forests to sequester, or soak up, carbon over the next 60 years is 22 percent — in the best case scenario.

UN Environment and Google announce ground-breaking partnership to protect our planet

UN Environment and Google announced today a global partnership that promises to change the way we see our planet. Combining environmental science, big data and unprecedented accessibility, this joint effort aims to expand what the world knows about the impacts of human activity on global ecosystems.

To curb disaster damage, we need smart investments in nature

As the destruction caused by natural disasters grows in intensity, we urgently need to invest in innovative ways of protecting ourselves from them. Conserving healthy ecosystems such as mangroves, wetlands and forests is an example of such smart investment, writes Vinod Thomas, Indian economist and former senior vice president for Independent Evaluation at the World Bank.

Indigenous peoples own or manage at least one quarter of world’s land surface

Indigenous Peoples have ownership, use and management rights over at least a quarter of the world’s land surface according to a new study.

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